Our mission:

There’s more new music being written and released worldwide today than ever before and it’s growing. This has created a rapidly expanding group of new independent creators who often don’t fit the existing structures of the industry and whose needs are mostly unmet or underserved.

That’s why we’re building a new creator network with the mission to motivate, educate and elevate. We’re offering networking, knowhow and tools, featuring distribution and release workflows, and with more to come including campaign monitoring, analytics, song title validation, song registration, radio play monitoring, daily payments and royalty advances.

We are Writer First:

We support all music creatives and industry professionals – but we are Writer First, acknowledging the importance of the song, and the songwriter being the first to create and the last to get paid – if they’re lucky.

We’re building a unique Writers’ Toolkit to empower all songwriters, but especially the rapidly growing number of new songwriters, and introducing a new music industry data protocol and tools.