One tool inside Family in Music’s Writer’s Toolkit for New creators.
A new industry identifier that supports and empowers new creators.
Creating a pathway to rights, control and revenue.
Helping safeguard your future.

What is MgNTa?

A new industry identifier that supports and empowers the new generation of creators by helping create a pathway to rights, control and revenue. You will be able to be identified as a songwriter, and recognised when your music is being used on digital services.

Who is MgNTa for?

It is for new independent creators and songwriters who want to protect their rights and safeguard their future songwriting revenues from ending up in the ‘black box’.

What problem does MgNTa address?

There are millions of new songwriters globally whose songs are streamed on digital services. They are not able to receive the revenue that is due to them, as their song rights are not licensed for the use, and they cannot be properly identified. The revenue remains unallocated on traditional music industry systems.

How does it work?

When you join MgNTa, you will be assigned an industry identifier. In the future, this will ensure the revenue generated on digital service providers can be identified correctly. Your identifier is connected to your digital wallet, where you can control your assets and participation data in your song rights.

Where can I sign up?

MgNTa will go live in spring 2022. Sign up to Family in Music now to explore the platform, and be among the first to access MgNTa.


What are the benefits of MgNTa to a new songwriter?
MgNTa is a data- and rights management process created for the 21st Century. It creates an industry identifier for you without the need to assign your rights away.

MgNTa allows you to register and maintain your rights information and any other participants in new songs you create. You can always access this data and make changes. We store this data safely and securely using on- and off-blockchain technology depending on the need to be able to change and edit the data.

MgNTa will create interfaces with third parties like PROs and Digital Service Providers (DSPs) where we create a gateway between the parties for data ingestion of rights owners data, administration of music use data and the process for revenue distribution to the original creators of the songs. This means that you will get the most accurate revenue much faster than before.

What problem does MgNTa solve?
There are on estimate over 20 million songwriters globally whose work is being streamed on digital services but have no way of receiving revenue that is due to them. This is because these songwriters cannot be identified, their song rights are not licensed for the use and the generated revenue remains unallocated on the traditional music industry systems. These unaffiliated songwriters are owed “black box revenues” which run into the billions worldwide in unallocated revenue.
Why solve this this problem?
There are three key reasons for us wanting to address this problem:

  • Moral: MgNTa allows the creation of a unique and immutable identifier without giving up any rights
  • Legal: By creating a MgNTa Wallet of song rights you can easily control and assign permissions for the use of the song
  • Financial: There is no longer an excuse to have your revenue assigned as unidentified and allocated to the ’black box’.

What is ‘black box revenue’?
The ‘black box’ refers to a pool of revenue at a collection societies and digital service providers where the songwriter and/or publisher of songs that have generated revenue cannot be located or traced. These royalties are referred to as ‘black box revenue’ (or “unallocated royalties” or “unclaimed royalties”). This revenue is eventually paid out to members of PROs based on market share.
Who is responsible for the ‘black box’ issue?
There are multiple ‘black boxes’ with a multitude of rules and procedures for the collection and distribution of the revenue. The aim of MgNTa is to help make sure that your revenue does not end up in there because it is unidentified.
How much does it cost to use MgNTa?
Creating a MgNTa identifier and Wallet is subject to a one-off 3 €/£/$ credit card charge to cover 3rd party security process costs. Magenta will be a one tool in the stack of songwriter tools within Family in Music. At the moment the use of Family in Music and its’ features is free, but we are planning to introduce monthly subscription tiers during 2022.
What do you mean by “tokenised ‘Proof-of-Participation’ in a song”?
Tokens serve as reference to the original data, but cannot be used to breach the original data. With song assets, it means that by using MgNTa you can store the data about participants in the song on blockchain securely.

Registering ‘participation’ is all that is required for a DSP to be able to identify revenue.

Participation data would be:

LET IT BE. Lennon / McCartney

and not:

LET IT BE Lennon x% / McCartney x% / Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Limited x%

What is the technology behind MgNTa?
It utilises multiple processes and technologies – some ‘on’ and some ‘off’ blockchain.

We have created a specific fork of the Ark blockchain and utilise the creation of NFTs* to represent the actual participation in a song registration. We also use third-party KYC (‘know your customer’) authentication and audio fingerprinting to ensure truth and provenance in the registration process.

(* These NFTs are not tradable on any platform.)

How environmentally friendly is MgNTa?
Our blockchain is energy efficient and green credentialed ‘proof-of-stake’ and not energy burning ‘proof-of-work’.
When will MgNTa launch?
MgNTa is first announced in January 2022 and we expect it to be live in spring 2022. You can sign up now to Family in Music and register your interest and we’ll put you at the front of the list.
Will MgNTa be available worldwide?
Our intention is to make MgNTa a global protocol – but we need to make sure that we are both legally compliant and / multi-lingual in our documentation. In some countries copyright law varies from others and e.g. the use of blockchain token technology might currently be restricted either by regulation or law.
What is an identifier?
In essence, an identifier is a personal identification number designed to uniquely identify rightsholders. When a songwriter affiliates with a performing rights organisation, an IPI number (Interested Party Information) is assigned to them. An identifier is needed so that revenue can be paid to the correct rightsholders.

By joining Family in Music and setting up MgNTa, you will be able to get an identifier without the need of joining a PRO.

Does Family in Music own my rights if I join?
No, you will own and control your rights. This is one of the benefits of MgNTa as joining a traditional PRO requires you to grant your copyrights to the society.
Can I use MgNTa if I’m affiliated with a PRO / society?
Not at this time. Think of MgNTa as a ‘pre-PRO/society’ helping you represent your own rights. If and when you decide to join and assign your rights to a society / PRO or publisher, you can easily transfer all of the data to your new partner.
Can I join a PRO after using MgNTa?
Yes, our ambition is to create an interface between PROs to connect the MgNTa identifier with PRO identification systems. When you join a PRO / society (or any other entity that represents your rights) you are able to export the data – but you or your new partner can still have access to the on-chain data created. The timestamp and original metadata will always be there as a reference should you (or your new partner) ever need it.
What rights and revenue are you talking about here?
Currently, we will be helping you represent your songwriting (musical compositions) rights on Digital Service Providers (“DSPs” e.g. Spotify, Apple, YouTube) only.
When my songs are identified using MgNTa how do I get paid?
Currently MgNTa only enables your rights and songs to be identified – so that royalties can be collected by a future third party partner of your choice. This gives you time to decide on which partner is best suited to you while being reassured that your revenue is safe.
How can I contact you about MgNTa?
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