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Everything starts from a song. And every piece starts from that writer’s gut feeling. It doesn’t matter what your tools are. It can be some crazy sound, punchline, or an exciting chord progression. And it gets rolling as you keep searching for that right kind of feeling when the music starts to speak.


So how long does it take to get that inspiration? If you just sit there waiting, it might take a lifetime. But when you start to make some music, it can take you to that flow. Sometimes in 15 minutes, sometimes in a day or a week.

Songwriting as a profession is something you could call passion. Without any passion, there’s no music that moves, comforts, encourages, or gives that certain kind of vibe you’re looking for. That’s what the whole music industry is about.

If I knew where the good songs came from, I’d go there more often. It’s a mysterious condition. It’s much like the life of a Catholic nun. You’re married to a mystery.

As a songwriter, it’s good to have curiosity and an open mind to learn new things constantly. That’s probably the element that puts the salt and pepper to each song and expresses personal aspects. Of course, it’s also reusing old things and being influenced by others. But the writer needs to have their own unique sound. That’s why it’s about exploring mysterious ways and finding unknown lands.

In this article, Björk talks about how nature inspired her when she made her album Biophilia.

Every songwriter in their time knows the line between inspiration and waiting. Sometimes it can be excruciating. We don’t have a recipe for a hit song. Or do we? Is it about being a super talented natural-born melody maker, lyricist, or having a “golden ear”? Or is it about hard work? Maybe both? What is your experience?

When we look at the best of the bests, it seems that there’s a huge amount of natural gift and a massive amount of work. After finishing one song, they start to make a new one. And the best is always yet to come. Dealing with this kind of mystery business is part of the walk of life. No doubt there are easier ways to earn your living. But telling the truth: in the end, money isn’t what drives people to write their songs. When the song finds its place in people’s lives, giving them good vibes, every dollar is justified. That’s why we still can’t pass that simple truth of the music business: It’s all about the song.

Cover photo by Haley Powers on Unsplash.

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