MgNTa – Secure your rights with a personal identifier

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MgNTa, a new online music industry identifier by Family in Music will launch in spring 2022 to help protect the revenue and rights of the next generation of songwriters. With millions of them not signed to a traditional royalty collection society a financial and moral vacuum exists.

Alex Kumar, our Head of Services, tells you in detail about music rights and how MgNTa will help music creators get the money they are due for their work.

Despite the colossal amounts of money generated by the streaming giants there are over 20 million songwriters whose work is being exploited on these services but who have no way of earning. What they are owed has become known as “black box revenues”.

Globally this runs into the billions in unassigned revenue and in the US alone amounts to $424 million. This money will never be paid. A staggering 60,000 new recordings and rising are estimated to be delivered every day to streaming services and a vast amount of those are by new creators who remain unidentified and unpaid. In addition, the DIY creator economy is the fastest growing in the global music industry but at the same time is the least represented.

Watch the video below for more details.

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