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Artists at Family in Music

Artists at Family in Music is a group of select artists invited to join Family in Music.

We are building Family in Music to become a thriving community of music creators, and for our tools to best serve artists in progressing their careers and projects.

Join by 30th of November 2022 and receive the following benefits:

Join for free

Enjoy all features free of charge until April 2023

Access a dedicated account manager for quick and personal support

Special offers and exclusive perks

How are your peers making the most of our services?

You will be able to distribute your music to 30+ leading streaming services with fast support. Our deal is non-exclusive, and you can use the rest of the features even if you have another distributor or label. We charge a 10% commission on distribution.

Royalty Advances
Get a royalty advance of up to 8x your annual streaming income to finance your next career move. Keep 100% ownership and control.

You can create release and marketing plans using our expert crafted step-by-step templates.

Build your network and connect with like-minded music creators and industry professionals.

You can find and search for people to collaborate with.

Learn your craft with the best in the biz.

What's next?

Music management
In the upcoming months we are adding music management tools that will help you to succeed with next steps, milestones and actionable insights. You can keep creating. We’ll make managing things easy.