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Streamline your music release and promotion with expert-designed Workflows. Achieve your goals and work better with the support of videos, articles, best practices and insights.

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Distribute your music to 30+ digital stores and streaming services. Monitor the performance of your music while ensuring your rights are protected.

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Let streaming, social media and audience trends to guide your next steps.

Tools to power your career.


Get an action plan for songwriting, production, release planning and marketing & promo.


See your audience and streaming stats to understand how you are doing.


Get your music out to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and more.


Find out from the experts and learn about music and the business.

Royalty Advances.

Request an advance of up to 8× your annual streaming income and fund your next move.

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Talk to a real person if you get stuck – we are happy to help!

Artists across the world can soon credit Planet Earth as a co‑writer on their future works. EarthPercent provides a simple way for a music creator to address the climate emergency. Family in Music is a sponsor of EarthPercent.

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